From the desk of the Director

Blessed by the almighty of God and our revered Saint Shiromani Baba Bhola Dass.

School is a platform where the students Prepare themselves to face the world And Rural Education Society, Sonipat, has striven to mould the Personalities of children in such a way that they can face the perplexing, Complex situations and challenges of life with confidence. We provide a plethora of activities for the judicious all-round development of youthful energies, properly channelized towards creativity and self-actualization. Our aim is pursuit of "Excellence in Education";, which we try to achieve by incorporating and using latest innovative methods of teaching by providing first grade state-of-the-art facilities. Further, we are devoted to the task of inculcating in the young minds, values which will lead to the refinement of the entire personae, thereby, making them stand apart as"A meteorite sparkles in the galaxy of human race" Co-operation & perfect co-ordination from each member of Rural Education Society, Sonipat, family has helped us to create a favourable climate and thereby, maintaining quality of Education.

Narendra Sura
Geetanjali School